[Family Volunteering Series Pt. 1] Heal The Bay Guest Blog for Tales of a Mountain Mama!

Incorporating charity into my life has been a bit of a roller coaster. There have been years where I excelled and years where I completely fell flat, but since having my first daughter, it’s been an ever present thought in my mind.  I believe, kids are never too young to start teaching the art of volunteering; learning important lessons of earth stewardship, instilling a child’s sense of community and reinforcing self-worth through helping others.
Since 1985, Heal The Bay, combined with their massive volunteer army, has fought to “make Southern California coastal water and watersheds, including the Santa Monica Bay, safe, healthy and clean.” They are also leaders in environmental advocacy, petitioning local, state and federal government and regulatory agencies to protect and preserve the beauty and health of Southern California’s natural resources.
Photo by Kerem Hanci
I have volunteered for Heal The Bay’s Nothin’ But Sand Clean Up before and it’s always a great time! You simply fill out their single page waiver, they give you a bucket and gloves and off you go! Volunteers of all ages, from all over the city meticulously sift through sand, restoring it to its original exquisite elegance.
I thought, why not take full advantage of the fact that Vivi is 22 months and still thinks cleaning up is a fun game! Combine ‘The Cleanup Game’ with lunch at the beach and you have a volunteer experience I was certain she would enthusiastically participate in! So we slathered on the sunscreen, grabbed our sunhats, packed our lunch and headed towards the Pacific Ocean! So far, so good!


  1. I can't wait to take the kids in a camping tour since I wanna share to them how adventurous I am. I'm kind of hoping that my natural instinct for adventure might rub off on them even just a bit.

    1. Do it! You'll have a great time and memories to last a lifetime!


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