Let the Terrific Twos Begin!

It's that time of year again when we celebrate the most beautiful thing that has ever come in to our lives! This past weekend was our Peanut's 2nd birthday!

kid birthday cake

The past few weeks have been a deeply reflective period for me. I've found myself searching for solitude, eager to remember each moment of the last two years, thirsty to cherish the present moments as they occur and inspired as I look forward to all the new and exciting things to come.

Being a mother is a hell of a roller coaster ride. The ups are full of laughter and wonder, admiration and fascination. The downs are full of counting... to ten... and then counting to ten again. I see more clearly the opportunities to grow and learn more about myself. I'm striving to become a hoarder of patience and to master the ever-present balancing act to protect while encouraging exploration.

toddler birthday balloons

Being a wife makes being a mother easier. With the childhood memories of my mother raising me alone (with the help of my grandmother), my admiration and awe of all single parents out there has grown exponentially. Having a partner to take over when I'm exhausted, to share the happenings of the day with over a glass of wine, to exchange glances with when we realize again for the bazzillionth time that we created a little human being who we have the honor of watching before our eyes develop her own personality and make her own choices; It all makes me love and appreciate my husband in ways I never had the opportunity to before.


Being a mother makes being a daughter more precious. My mom and I have always been best friends. It's possibly an offshoot of the fact that she was a young, single mother, but more probably because she's an open, outspoken, truth-filled and fantastically fun human being. Watching her adoration and unconditional love for our daughter is one of the most beautiful things to witness in the world and sharing with her my new found wisdom while learning from her wealth of knowledge has brought more depth and love to our relationship.

For me, Vivienne's birthday celebration is not only a chance to rejoice in the grace and light and love that she brings to us, but it is also a time to praise all of the people who continually enrich and enliven our lives!

photo booth
Photo Booth fun!

birthday party photo booth

photo booth

We love you little peanut!!!


  1. Sweet post! I can't believe my little one will also turn 2 this year, my other will turn 4 as well! Sometimes I feel like was just pregnant with them.

    1. I know the feeling Melissa! I keep looking at the pictures from this past weekend's party and just can't get over how big she is!! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Aww...I can totally relate Jen! I'm saddened that we haven't met each other's children - but I'm happy I can experience her through your pictures and posts. :)

    1. I know! Can't believe we are missing out on this part of our lives together. Thank god there's blogging and social media! LOL

  3. We really enjoy reading your blog! It's wonderful to find others who are passionate about getting outdoors with their kids. Looking forward to reading more!

    The Kowalli Team


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